Paper Rolls

We manufacture thermal paper rolls and paper rolls for Point of Sale (POS), cash register machine, Credit card machine, petrol pump, gas stations, retails industry, super markets, payment processing industry, financial sector, parking lots, gaming zone, billing, hotel industry, toll plaza, handy machine, transport, logistics industry medical, hospitality, laboratory and many other kiosk machine. We have high speed fully automated advanced slitting machine and printing presses,
PSM International


Compete in the changing marketplace with our card processing tools from mag stripe to chip to contactless. Broaden your portfolio and increase protection for you and your customers with EMV-enabled contact-only and contactless-enabled payment cards. We’ll help you issue cards and decrease your time to market by offering standard EMV chip card technologies. Our cards are securely designed to protect against fraudulent, counterfeit, lost, or stolen cards at the point-of-sale (POS).


At present, the company’s products and solutions are used in many countries and regions around the world. Through a full range of professional information network services, it effectively supports the differentiated needs of different customers around the world and the personalized needs of continuous innovation


A full-featured terminal with leading technology and comprehensive functions, a wireless POS terminal integrating code scanning, card swiping, card insertion, and card payment. Comes with rich wireless communication methods to provide a high-speed and stable wireless communication network. The product has a unique shape, has many advantages such as fast decoding, fast communication, high-quality voice broadcast, and supports electronic signatures and PIN input. It can be applied to all types of full payment scenarios that require small and large transactions


PSM has structured a motivated and passionate team of officers with an unwavering commitment to excellence, despite our numerous achievements, awards, and accolades



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