Today, we cooperate with multiple corporations around the world who are approved partners, preferred partners, or integrated partners.

PSM International

Cooperate with us

A promise is only worth something once it is fulfilled. On the global stage, it is not simple enough with an attractive product. It must be delivered at the right time at the right price. Therefore safe cooperation with a strategic partner is essential to achieve success. Due to our expertise within Supply Chain Solutions and Print Solutions, we can upgrade a company’s supply chain. This will provide faster and more efficient processes that enable our customers to focus on their primary competence.

Become an approved supplier

PSM International always put the customers, the product quality and the environment first. We are ISO certified and Eco-labeled and hold our suppliers to the same high standards. To become an approved supplier, you need to submit an application and undergo an evaluation process where your finances, product quality and the reliability of your deliveries are assessed.

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